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Watering is one of the most important Tulsa lawn care tip that we can share with you.

Watering:  Watering your lawn is also very important.  Keeping your lawn watered regularly is a great way to keep it beautiful and healthy.
Watering Schedules: Watering schedules vary depending on the season and type of turf that you have.  Like we mentioned in the "types of Turf" Section of our webpage, different types of turf have different growing seasons and water requirements. A good rule of thumb is that during the summer if your lawn looks at all brown, it needs water.  Always water your lawn early in the morning.

The best time to water is an hour before sunrise. Saturate the lawn with water, the root system is the part of the turf that needs the water.  Limited watering causes shallow root systems.  Shallow roots cause all shorts of problems for you lawn.  If you have fescue and the temps are in the upper 90's you may want to consider a brief watering in the late afternoon to reduce scorching.  water on the fesuce will reduce its tempature and help keep it alive in the heat.
Yard Needs WateringNight watering: Don't water your lawn at night.  If your lawn remains saturated for an extended period of time it may become susiptible to fungis and disease.

Excesive watering: A problem that I've noticed in my many years in the Tulsa lawn care business is excessive watering.  Watering too much is a bad thing.  If it's 4pm and your lawn is still saturated and soft then you've watered too much.  Ecessive watering can destroy the health of your lawn.  In addition to your lawn not looking good, it's health will suffer as well.  It is esssentially rotting away.  As I've stated time and time again weak turf is very vunerible to weed invasion.