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Water Features

Water Features
Water Features

Water Features are a great way to enhance your garden or landscaping presence.

Water features look great and add ambiance to your garden, flowers, landscaping, or back yard.  Water features come in a variety of shapes and sizes and have varying levels of maintenance.

If you are interested in a water feature, please give us a call or contact us through our contact form here on our website and we can discuss the many Tulsa water features available for you.

The installation usually involves a water pump, a molded plastic basin that will be buried in your garden, plumbing between the pump and the water feature that you choose, and finally the water feature itself. 

We typically like to build a mound of rocks around the water basin to give it a small elevation for focal point aesthetics, but we can also bury it so that it is flush with the ground.  In any case, a few landscaping rocks will cover up the basin, pump, and plumbing.

Basic water features only have a small amount of maintenance.  This usually consists of filling it with water from time to time since the water will naturally evaporate.

Here in our showcase you can see several of the Tulsa water features that we have installed or are available from our vendors.