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Mowing Tips

Lawn Mowing Tips

Here are a few Tulsa lawn care mowing tips to keep your yard beautiful and green all year long.

Mowing: Mowing your lawn on a weekly basis during the growing season is one of the best ways to keep it healthy.  If you don't mow your lawn often enough and it gets tall, the truf will fight for sunlight by spending energy growing even taller to out compete grass surrounding it.  When your lawn spends energy growing tall it doesn't invest as much energy into its root system which makes it less healthy, attractive and more susceptible to weeds.

Cut Height:  There is alot of confusion in the world of lawn care about what height to cut your lawn.  The old train of thought is to cut your lawn low.  In fact it seems that the older the person is, the more likely they are to cut their lawns low. Scalping is BAD! Never scalp. Not even in the spring. 

There are standard recommend heights for cutting certain types of grass:
Bermuda: 2-3 inches
3 inches +
2.5 inches +

Although a good rule of thumbs is that when you finish cutting your lawn it should be GREEN.  If you can see any brown or brown lines in the lawn that means you're cutting it to low.  Cutting your lawn too low is just as bad for its health as letting it grow too tall.  When you scalp your lawn you are shocking it.  When you shock your lawn you cause it to react and fight for its life. Its reaction is to spend all its energy on growing tall again and your lawn's root system will suffer.  A weak root system makes your lawn: less healthy, less attractive and more vunerible to weed invasion.

Lawn Mower BladesLawn Mower Blades: Having sharp blades on your mower is crucial!!  Not only do sharp blades make the cut look nicer but they also actually help the health of your lawn.  Dull or bent blades can actually rip or scalp the grass.  When you rip the grass you can cause excessive damage to each blade.  Damaging the turf will cause it to react by spending energy healing itself.  When your grass spends energy healing itself it neglects its root system.  Turf with a weak root system is less healthy, less attractive and will have more weeds.

We have many Tulsa lawn care tips and tricks for you.  Give us a call and let us take care of your yard and make it beautiful throughout the year.