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Firewood King - Firewood Delivery

Tulsa firewood

When it's cold and you need Tulsa firewood delivery, you can count on "Firewood King." During the Autumn and Winter months, we focus our efforts on Autumn and Winter leaf removel, tree maintenance, and firewood delivery.

The Tulsa firewood delivery market is quite varied and diverse.  We believe that we offer the best service for our customers becuase we work in the industry year after year and we know what kind of woods our customers want.  Our delivery staff are professional and courteous and we are always helpful.

We can sell you the best seasoned firewood in the correct quanity to keep your home cozy and warm all winter long.

Although, there are a variety of woods available, we can recommend what is burning best and what will smell nice coming out of your fireplace and chimney.

We also offer various types of wood for barbeque experts who are looking to add that special touch to their barbeque cooking process.